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I was tired of going to the car lot getting denied. This website brought the auto lenders to me and I was able to choose which one I liked.
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My credit isn't the greatest but I have decent monthly income. I went to 12 different car dealers in my area and got rejected by them all. Finally I got a auto loan that didn't try to charge me a ton of fees from a private auto lender. 
Alondra Hill - Houston, TX
How Can We Help?
If you have troubled credit, getting a auto loan may not be possible. Most car dealers who offer private car loans are direct lenders that typically won't finance borrowers with average, poor, or no credit. We have seen MANY people with credit issues get financed through our Private Auto Lender.
Stop Getting Denied By Car Dealerships
How to Get a Private Auto Lender:
Car dealer lenders allow car buyers to finance vehicles who have excellent credit. Lets face it bad things happen to good people when it comes to credit. The smallest thing like a medial bill, school loans or a old utility bill can drag your credit score down enabling you NOT to be approved for a vehicle with a decent interest rate. Popular car dealers in your area typically find their auto loans through many financial institutions, such as banks, credit unions, and other online lenders. 
If your credit is a bit shaking there are private auto lenders that don't work with car lots directly. You may apply directly for a car loan with these lenders and, if approved, can deal directly with a private party. You can get a check from the lender to give to a private seller or car dealer, and they'll sign over the vehicle’s title to you, with the lender as the secured party. Typically these private auto lenders have a great interest rate unlike the buy here pay here lots.
Many car buyers like to go the private sale route in an attempt to find a better deal on a used or new car.

People with good credit have no idea about these lenders and automatically go directly to a car dealer. The only benefit in this is they avoid extra legwork of setting up meetings and taking care of the paperwork – stuff that's unnecessary when getting a loan through a dealership.
Borrowers with bad credit may have to avoid car dealers for an entirely separate reason.
Working With a Private Party Auto Lender with Troubled Credit:
The Private auto lenders who finance private party auto loans tend to be direct lenders. As a rule, most direct lenders usually only approve loans to borrowers with good credit, making it hard for car buyers with bad credit to land an approval.
Borrowers with poor credit who need an auto loan typically need financing through a subprime lender. These lenders are willing to help bad credit car buyers, but they're normally indirect lenders that you can't approach directly. Instead, they work through licensed car dealerships that help them in two main ways:

Verify Borrower Information – The dealer works as the lender's agent. Dealers verify all of a borrower's information listed on their application. By double checking income, job, and residence details, lenders ensure a borrower can afford a loan, which helps offset the extra risk associated with bad credit. Dealers also collect the documents lenders require that serve as proof of the borrower's information.

Verify Vehicle Information – Dealers also help lenders by making sure all information about the vehicle being financed is accurate. This includes its year, make, model, mileage, and equipment. Subprime lenders won't finance cars with branded, salvage, or rebuilt titles, so a dealer also makes sure the title is clean.
Subprime lenders won't finance private party auto loans, largely because private sales are missing these two critical elements. The dealers act as a third party to reduce risk, making them an important part of the bad credit auto loan process.
Getting an Auto Loan with Bad Credit:
If your credit score isn't the greatest and you would like to work with a private auto lender a private, your best bet is taking our quick survey so we can match you with the top private auto lenders in your area. We already work with them directly , this will avoid you having to go out and find them (there harder to find than you think) with your bank or credit union if you have a long-standing relationship with one. In the end, you'll likely need to go through a dealership that's signed up with subprime lenders that will offer you a bad card with a high monthly payment.
Auto Credit Express helps car buyers with credit that isn't the greatest find these private auto lenders. We work with a nationwide network of special private lenders & dealers that know how to handle unique credit situations. We will work to match you with a dealership in your area if you start the process by submitting our free and secure car loan request form online. 
Whats The Catch?
There is NO Catch... 
We know its hard to believe, with all the scam auto lender websites online, that make you enter your credit card number in order to gain access to these private lenders, that typically finance just about anyone...

We do not ask for any credit card information at ALL... We have a long relationship with the private auto lenders, so when we match a specific person with a lender , we typically get a small commission if you are approved.

We tend to stay away from the subprime lenders who charge fees to apply for a vehicle and who also do a HARD inquiry on your credit report , that drags credit scores down even lower.
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